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Path management

Path management

Footpath repair at Ben Vrackie

Technical guidance on paths, gates and other access infrastructure

Car Parks in the Countryside

Practical guidance on planning, design and construction of car parks.

Countryside Access Design Guide

Targeted at paths and facility providers, this provides advice on how to choose and design structures that accommodate and assist public access.

Lowland Path Construction: A Guide to Good Practice 

Aimed at path providers and funding agencies, this guidance promotes good practice in lowland path planning, construction, maintenance and monitoring.

Path Benefits Toolkit 

For people or groups who want to improve access provision in their areas, this gives a step-by-step guide to assessing the social, environmental and economic benefits of a path network. Guidance on developing paths can be found in Creating a Path Network .

The Path Manager's Guide to Grading

Standard waymarked path grading system for Scotland.  Version - January 2016.

Upland Pathwork: Construction Standards for Scotland

Devised for people such as pathworkers, surveyors and land managers, this provides guidance on the basic principles of upland path management and pathwork techniques.

Upland Path Management - Standards for Delivering Path Projects in Scotland's Natural Heritage

Complements the above Upland Pathwork guide and is designed for all those involved in upland path management.


The Scottish Access Technical Information Network

SATIN aims to share technical information and knowledge and promote best practice.