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Access rights do not extend to fishing. Anglers need to be careful when casting lines so be aware of where people are on the water and on the land. If a canoeist or other person on the water is close by wait until they have passed by before casting. If you have a line in the water, allow people on the water to pass at the earliest opportunity. Indicating where you would prefer canoeists or rafters to pass by can help but be aware that it might not always be possible for them to follow the route you suggest.

There is no requirement in Scotland to have a licence to fish, however an angler must have the legal right or permission to fish. There is no salmon or sea trout fishing on Sundays anywhere in Scotland (except the Border Esk in Dumfriesshire which is dealt with under English law, since much of the river is in England).

Fishing legislation can be complicated but the link here external site helps clarify the situation.

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