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Good practice guidance and advice

SATIN Online

The Scottish Access Technical Information Network (SATIN) has recently launched a web service and is looking for new members to share knowledge and experience on technical information. Membership is free - to sign up visit external site   and find out about events, join discussion groups about popular topics and share views. There is also the opportunity to forward technical information or information about events for inclusion on the site.

Guides to plan, construct, manage and monitor outdoor access infrastructure: 

Lowland Paths Guide external site

Aimed at path providers, it provides good practice in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of lowland paths in Scotland. Updated in 2012.

Shared Use Paths external site

Provides guidance on promoting, developing and managing paths for responsible shared use. Published in 2013.

Countryside Access Design Guide 

Targeted at outdoor access providers, this guide provides advice on how to choose and design structures that accommodate and assist public access.

Upland Pathwork: Construction Standards for Scotland 

This provides practical guidance to pathworkers, surveyors and land managers, on upland pathwork techniques.

Upland Path Management  

Complements the above Upland Pathwork guide and is designed for all those involved in managing an upland path project.

Car Parks in the Countryside: A Practical Guide to Planning, Design

Ideal for site managers, land owners, local authorities, funding agencies and local communities planning small rural car parks.  Published in 2000.

Visitor Monitoring Manual external site

Provides advice on identifying information needs, selecting methods, designing and carrying out surveys, analysing and interpreting results.

Technical Guide to the Design and Construction of Lowland Recreation Routes

Practical advice on the engineering elements of how to construct routes for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders on low ground in the countryside. Published in 2000.

Constructed Tracks in the Scottish Uplands

This good practice guide aims to increase understanding and awareness of the natural heritage impacts of track construction, management and use. Published in 2013.

Information and Advisory Note - The Implications of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 for Countryside Service Providers  PDF document

Explains the responsibilities of service providers in catering for disabled people using their facilities. NB. The Equality Act 2010 subsumes and expands on the DDA 1995.

Automatic Counters Fact Sheet  PDF document

This sheet outlines different types of counters and lists suppliers. Last updated 2009.

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